Wanderblitz aka “Are you crazy enough?”

Do you ever wake up with a new crazy idea ?

I woke up in my New York apartment one morning with the sudden feeling that it was time to live in Paris. The thought of it made me giddy but my brain started doubting the possibility: how would I come up with the money ? Could I just leave like that ?  I eventually forgot about all that until just two months later where I found myself, one April day, in my new Parisian apartment. How I got there is a story in and of itself, but it occurred to me then that everything was pretty much… figure-outable.

Living in Paris like a local ? Figure-outable.

Here are a handful of other crazy ideas I found figure-outable:

  • Backpacking through Central America on a few days’ notice
  • Trading in the corporate world to work for myself in costly Manhattan
  • Creating a nation-wide conference to gather people I’m beyond inspired by
  • Writing a book that people actually want to buy and read
  • Living in the desert with no money by choice

Also a little bit frightening and unpredictable ? No doubt.
Adventures of a lifetime to grow and learn from ? Oh hails yes.

This is what I call a “Wanderblitz”:
Daring to take on your craziest (travel) dreams.

It’s too easy to call a dream crazy and throw it away. What if crazy is key ? What if you were just crazy enough to see that it could work. To see the creative possibilities over some mundane probability.

Just figure it out.

I’ll start by sharing with you one of my craziest dreams at the moment. I haven’t thought through much of it yet, it’s just a deep gut feeling.

To travel through all 50 countries
in Europe within one year. (That’s end of 2014.)

What’s your current Wanderblitz ?

What are you crazy enough to figure out right now ?

You can email me your Wanderblitz here and I’ll keep you accountable. Put a date on it.


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